March 19, 2010

4 PC games that gave the middle finger to PC Gamers.

PC gamers usually have the fortune of playing video games with better graphics, higher resolution and better support compared to their console brethren. However, sometimes a game, be it a port or a PC exclusive, comes out to shatter our faith in PC gaming. Thus, we list the top 4 games that did exactly that.
4. Resident Evil 4

What is it?

Widely considered as one of the greatest zombie game of all time, The console version of Resident Evil 4 received outstanding critical reception.

By being a ridiculously lazy port.

We can all agree that any sane person would believe that Life on Earth exists thanks to the sun, that game developers  produce video games(duh), and that every FPS game on the PC makes use of the mouse. However, with Resident Evil 4, that is not the case.

Originally on the console and later ported by the company Sourcenext, Resident evil 4 enraged PC gamers when it launched without any support for the mouse; PC gamers had the misfortune of using the arrow keys on the keyboard in order to control the cross hair on the screen. The fact that the game not only had limited mouse features, but also had choppier graphics and lower quality cut scenes compared to the console version, made the game on the top of our list.

How could it have been better?

Although the game did eventually receive patches to fix the graphical issues and to support the mouse, the game, overall, still felt like a rushed console port. Thus, it forever scarred those unfortunate players who bought the game on launch. We think that the port should have definitely received better care during its development.

3. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

What is it?
This section is really unnecessary :)
By defying the tenets of online pc gaming, by costing $60 and by being a rehash of the original.
Although Modern warfare 2 has had financial success on all platforms, the game, nonetheless, stripped PC gamers of server support; this move was not met without force opposition. Many PC gamers threatened to boycott the call of duty franchise, but of course, their efforts proved unworthy. The game shipped without any server support and cost $10 more than the original, effectively raising the middle finger twice to PC gamers.
How could it have been better?
It comes as a no brainer that the Modern Warfare 2 should have released with server support and should have cost less by $10.

2. Assassin’s Creed 2
What is it?
A sequel to the widely acclaimed Assassin’s creed.
By delaying the release date of the PC version again, by including a draconian DRM, and by costing $60 for no good reason.
No other game comes as close as Assassin’s creed 2 in raising the middle finger to PC gamers. The game is pretty much the epitome of what PC gamers fear. Its “draconian” DRM makes sure that anyone who legally purchased the game suffers for legally purchasing the game!

Users have to connect to Ubisoft servers in order to play the single player game, and if they were not able to establish connection with the server for any reason, the game would not launch. However, all is not lost, for cracking groups such as Skidrow are working on a crack. (yes, I am actually endorsing the cracking of this game)
How could it have been better?
The game must drop the DRM protection. If you get a better experience by illegally downloading the game than say buying it, why would you bother buying it in the first place?

1.Big Rigs
What is it?
Simply, A truck racing game.
By being the worst game of all time.
Big rigs is such an awful game. In fact, the game was shipped to retailer when it was in pre-alpha stage, it had only five maps and one of them crashed the game when it was selected, the AI that was supposed to race with you did not even move from the starting line, and the speed of the trucks in the game isn’t affected by the terrain in any way. Although the aforementioned problems with the game may seem too much for any person, those were not only the game-breaking problems.
A better presentation of the game:
How could it have been better?
They should have just cancelled the damn game.

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